This interactive graphic allows you to explore data from the World Bank. The graphic includes data about each country's population, the number of international entrants, and the number of international entrants per capita.

Use the radio buttons along the top of the screen to toggle between the different pieces of data, and use the radio buttons on the right side to see different years. You can compare specific countries by clicking on them, and a line graph of their data will appear below the map. You can also download CSV files of the data used for this graphic by clicking on the radio buttons along the top of the screen. There is no CSV file for international entrants per capita because the values were calculated using the number of international entrants and the population.

A Note About Sources: Data regarding the number of international applicants and the population is from the World Bank. Data regarding tourism per capita was calculated. The D3 JavaScript library was used to generate these graphics. This page was styled using Bootstrap.