Recent news has highlighted that Obama has had to speak out many times after shooting attacks across the country. A video published by Vox shows his many remarks about the events, and how his demeanor has changed over time. This analysis shows the trends in sentiment and word frequency over time for seven different shooting attacks: Fort Hood, Texas (2009); Tuscon, Arizona (2011); Aurora, Colorado (2012); Newtown Connecticut (2012); Washington, D.C. (2013); Fort Hood, Texas (2014); Charleston, South Carolina (2015). For more information about gun violence in the United States, please visit and support The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, The Brady Campaign, and The Violence Policy Center.

Tools, Sources, and Attributions:

For this project, I used Scrapy to obtain the text of the remarks from the White House website, the NLTK Porter Stemmer to stem the words, and the D3 JavaScript library to visualize the results. You can access the links to all of the remarks used here.

Sentiment Over Time:

Sentiment through the duration of speech

Average sentiment for each quarter of each speech was calculated and graphed

Most Frequently Used Words

Hint: Click on the bars to see their use over time!